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Poet Susan Polis Schutz and physicist/illustrator Stephen Schutz founded Blue Mountain Arts in 1971. Idealistic and very much in love, the couple had left the busy East Coast in search of a new life in Colorado. In the basement of their Boulder apartment, they silk-screened posters of Susan’s poems paired with Stephen’s paintings and then traveled the country selling the posters from their pickup-truck camper. Everywhere they went, people were drawn to the candor and emotion of Susan’s words and to the mystical beauty of Stephen’s illustrations. What began as a way for Susan and Stephen to spend their time together doing something they loved quickly became a publishing phenomenon.

Blue Mountain Arts continues to be at the creative forefront of personal expression – a thriving, international publisher with strong product recognition and a loyal following. 

Blue Mountain Arts products continue today to make them standouts in the marketplace, filling a very unique and necessary need… that of helping people communicate their feelings and connect with the special people in their lives. 

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For over 40 years, Blue Mountain Arts has been helping people communicate their deepest, most sincere thoughts and feelings about love, friendship, family, ideals, and dreams.

One of the premier independent card and book publishers in the world, the Colorado-based company is known for its innovative art styles, quality papers, unique production techniques, and ever-increasing selection of authors, artists, and product lines.

Today Susan and Stephen are widely hailed as the bestselling poet-artist team in the world, with Susan’s book, To My Daughter with Love on the Important Things in Life, illustrated by Stephen, having sold over 1.5 million copies. 

Susan and Stephen credit much of the company’s success to the fact that it has never strayed from the principles and beliefs on which it was founded. The warm, communicative style, dense inks, rich colors, and beautiful papers that distinguished the very first Blue Mountain Arts products continue today.

Heather Stillufsen is best known for her delicate and often whimsical illustration style, which is instantly recognisable. Her images feature everything from friendship to fashion, Heather’s chic art demonstrates a contemporary sensibility for women of all ages. She is inspiring people daily through art and words…one drawing at a time. 

Her words are written from the heart and offer those who read them the hope of a brighter day and inspiration to live life to the fullest. For Arts Sake stocks Heather Stillufsen’s Greeting Cards, Books and Planners.

Marci and her delightful characters, Children of the Inner Light®, have been winning the hearts of people all across the country with their wild hair, crooked smiles, and inspirational sentiments, giving people just the right words to let their loved ones know how they feel!

 What began as Marci’s doodles, drawn for her family, soon caught the eyes and hearts of people everywhere. She named her unique black and white designs Children of the Inner Light® and began selling them from a cart in a local mall. It was the beginning of a phenomenal success story.

Occasion Gallerie is one of the most popular and best-selling card lines of all time has a innovative, exciting new look – combining poetry and art in unique, eye-catching designs.

The many new card selections offer more ways than ever to express the most personal, heartfelt feelings on every occasion as well as for life’s everyday special moments.

Ashley Rice created her first greeting card for Blue Mountain Arts as an undergraduate student at Princeton University.

She went on to receive her master’s degree in fine art from Boston’s Emerson College. Today the Dallas- based illustrator and writer’s adorable characters and positive messages of encouragement, love, and friendship are a mainstay in the Cheerful line and appear on cards, calendars, mugs, magnets, and bookmarks.

Her work is loved and adored by ‘tween and teen girls (and grown ups, too) around the world. She is the creator of several popular illustrated books, including girls ruleLove Is Me and YouYou Go Girl… Keep Dreaming, and You Are an Amazing Girl.